Using Tech to Hire Tech: The Best Solutions for Hiring Software Developers

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by Sydney Stone

There are three main challenges when hiring software engineers and IT staff: finding candidates with the right skill set and experience, being able to afford those candidates, and the enormous amount of time spent on the whole entire process.

According to Glassdoor, it takes approximately 24 days to fill a tech position. That’s practically an entire month just to hire one person! This is why so many HR & IT departments are using automated recruiting and hiring solutions to search for software developers and other technical staff.

So just what types of hiring solutions are out there and how do they specifically help IT recruiters find the right people? Let’s take a look at what makes tech hiring different along with some of the best recruiting solutions on the market.

What does the tech hiring process look like?

For most positions, the normal hiring timeline looks something like this: need is determined, job description is written, job is posted, applications are received, applications are reviewed, interviews are scheduled, candidates are short-listed, second interviews commence, winning candidate is selected, and finally…a job offer is made.

Of course, when hiring software developers, an additional step is required between reviewing resumes and scheduling interviews. That step is known as the skills assessment. How can you really know if a developer has the needed level of skill in a certain programming language or platform? How can you test that knowledge?

This is where technology comes into play. To hire the best tech talent, you need to use the best tech tools. You need an automated recruiting solution. And luckily, there are plenty to choose from, and the list is growing. According to, the HR software market will grow to $10.9 billion over the next four years. This market includes payroll and benefits applications, continuing education and review processes, and recruiting software.

What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software simplifies the hiring process through automation and efficiency. From resume collection tools that map job requirements to candidate skills using artificial intelligence to assessment apps that verify an applicant’s skill-level, recruiting software is reducing the amount of time and money companies have to spend finding the best talent for their organizations.

Other benefits of utilizing HR software solutions include more diverse hiring, as recruiting applications zero in on skills and qualifications as opposed to being influenced by a person’s gender, race or age, and access to a larger talent pool of qualified candidates since you only spend time interviewing exact matches for each position.

What are the best recruiting apps for hiring engineers?


HackerRank is a web solution for IT recruiters that allows them to screen candidates and test programming skills. It is also popular with millions of developers who use the site to enhance their coding skills, prepare for interviews, and land jobs with prominent businesses.

With a special feature called CodePair, recruiters and hiring managers are able to perform real-time testing of a candidate via live video streaming.  

HackerRank offers a free 14-day trial

2. DevSkiller

As the name suggests, DevSkiller helps hiring managers rate the coding skills of developers with customized testing. In addition to programming languages, the application can also evaluate knowledge of various frameworks and libraries.

The company delivers a three-pronged approach to hiring the best tech talent: sourcing, technical screening, and growth & retention. Through its RealLifeTesting™ proprietary software, DevSkiller works to reduce overall hiring time by 60%.

You can request a demo of DevSkiller here.

3. Interview Mocha

Interview Mocha makes it easy for the entire hiring team to review and discuss a candidate’s qualifications and test results with detailed reporting and an easy-to-set-up and user-friendly platform.

The solution includes over a thousand skills tests and helps to combat biases in the recruiting process. It also integrates quickly (1-click) with the majority of Applicant Tracking Systems.

A free trial is not offered on the company’s website, but you can schedule a demo.

4. is a software developer assessment tool founded by the creators of Codewars. It lets recruiters test candidates across many different programming languages and platforms.

The solution is based on unit-testing and test-driven development (TDD) and mimics common development challenges. Pair-programming interviews and interactive coding sessions let the interviewer see how the candidate performs in real-world coding scenarios.

You can learn more about Qualified here.

5. Codility

Codility is an online coding interview tool that helps hiring managers test developers’ skills and provides detailed reports that pinpoint the perfect match for each position.

The solution features an anti-plagiarism module to prevent any type of cheating during the interview process.

Request a demo of Codility here.

6. CodeSignal

CodeSignal delivers advanced coding tests that help companies hire faster and interview less. The solution provides on-the-job scenarios tailored to each position that demonstrate how a candidate will perform in any particular situation.

The company is known for its detailed vetting algorithms and monitored testing platform.

No free trial is offered for CodeSignal, but you can schedule a demo.

7. Xobin

Heralded as “the world’s most loved Online Assessment Software,” Xobin provides more than 800 skills, coding, pre-hire and psychometric tests to cover all aspects of a candidate’s qualifications.

Aside from just determining the skill level for certain programming languages and applications, Xobin can also help tell if a person has the right personality for the company culture. You can even host a live video interview right inside the platform.

Sign up for a demo of Xobin here.

8. HackerEarth

HackerEarth’s platform is built for both businesses and developers, delivering tools that help companies find the right talent and help developers enhance their skill set. There are currently over 2.5 million members of the HackerEarth developer community.

The company hosts regular Hackathons (over 1,500 and counting) that help them improve the software and come up with new tests.

You can sign up for a demo of HackerEarth here.

9. eSkill

Sporting an impressive list of clients including FedEx, Coca-Cola, Zappos, and LG Electronics, eSkill provides coding assessment tests and screening capabilities that help recruiters seek out the perfect candidates. 

The company offers an affordable “Test Credit Plan” for small businesses and startups as well as an annual subscription plan for enterprise organizations.

You can request a demo of eSkill here.

10. QuodeIt

Through ready-made automated coding tests, QuodeIt simplifies the hiring process by delivering highly-qualified and vetted applicants and saving recruiters and HR professionals time and headaches.

If you have a specific proprietary list of standard questions for every interview, QuodeIt provides a private library within the solution for you to store it that no other candidates or companies can see.

You can get started for free by signing up here.   


Technology is changing the way we do everything. It’s even disrupting the way we hire the very people that build these new technologies.

For HR and IT hiring managers, finding the right recruiting tool to use in your hiring process can be just as important as finding the right candidate for your next job opening.