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6 Things to Avoid When Promoting Your Mobile App

You’ve just gone through the development and QA phase and now you’re ready to introduce your awesome mobile app to the masses. You may think the hard work is already done and now it’s time to reap the rewards. But marketing your mobile app is every bit as important as building it in the first place, and there can be just as many challenges.

If you’ve done your homework, you already have a great marketing plan that has been in place from the very beginning of development. And hopefully you’ve done a bit of pre-launch marketing as well. Now it’s time to tell everyone about your application and hopefully experience a high level of success while minimizing any marketing missteps.

Here are six things to avoid while promoting your mobile app. [more]

20 Interesting Mobile App Statistics for Developers

If you haven’t yet heard of, you’ll want to head there immediately and bookmark the site on your current web browser. It is the absolute best place on the web to get the most-up-to date statistics and infographics about pretty much anything you can possibly think of.

Statista features survey results, reports, and charts from over 22,500 sources, broken down across all industries. When it comes to the mobile app market, there are a multitude of interesting stats…from the most popular apps all over the world to the ones people are hoping will “die off” soon. (Sorry Twitter, but you happen to be at the top of that list!)

If you’re a mobile application developer and are looking to get inside the mind of today’s mobile app users, Statista is certainly the place to do it. Here are 20 of the most interesting stats we found when it comes to mobile application development. [more]

The Top 3 Trends in Mobile Testing

According to a study by Deloitte, the average person looks at their mobile device approximately 47 times throughout the day. More than 80% of smartphone users check their devices first thing in the morning and right before going to bed. Several even place their phones on a bedside table and respond to notifications throughout the night.

As people continue their obsession with mobile devices, the demand for more sophisticated apps increases. App Annie reports that the mobile app market will experience a 385% growth rate through 2021. This is becoming a challenge for developers as far as the QA and testing phase for mobile applications. Standard methods of software testing don’t cut it when it comes to complicated mobile applications. Plus, the rush to get the next “must-have” app to market limits the time needed for proper testing.

The latest trends in technology definitely influence the features and functions of today’s most popular mobile apps. Here are three currently popular technology trends and how they are affecting the way mobile testing is performed. [more]

3 Cases Where Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Beats Native 

There are two ways to go when developing a mobile app: native or cross-platform.  A native app is designed for a specific operating system…either iOS or Android. A cross-platform mobile app is designed to work on both.

A lot of developers and industry experts will tell you that native development is always the right choice because it delivers the best possible user experience. However, there are certain circumstances in which choosing cross-platform development is the best bet.

Here are 3 cases where cross-platform mobile app development beats native. [more]

How to Develop an iOS App on a Windows PC

Are you a PC person that wants to be able to develop mobile apps for both Android and iOS devices? Do you refuse to drink the “Kool-Aid” and give in to purchasing a Mac, but still want to create dynamic apps for iOS devices?

Well, there are a few ways you can use a Windows PC to code iOS apps. Obviously, this is not an optimal way to create the best application, especially when considering the overall QA process.

But for those of you who like to challenge what can and can’t be done when it comes to mobile app development, here are a few hacks that will allow you to develop iOS apps on a Windows PC. [more]


5 Things to Avoid When Developing Your Next Mobile App

Creating the next big mobile app is the dream of any entrepreneur. But how do you ensure success? What are the best practices when it comes to app development and what problems should you anticipate throughout the process?

Here is a list of 5 things to avoid during app development. Steer clear of these mistakes and your app may just end up being the next big thing. [more]