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Will the FinTech Revolution Kill Traditional Banking?

PayPal. Kickstarter. What do these apps have in common?

They were all once struggling startups that are now well-known brands. Brands that are just as recognizable as Chase, LendingTree, and Morgan Stanley. These FinTech companies were pioneers in disrupting the banking, lending and financial investment industries.

The Millennial generation has little patience for long lines at brick-and-mortar banks, filling out tons of paperwork, and making appointments for financial and investment advice. They’re leaving their credit and debit cards at home and utilizing Apple Pay on their iPhones. They’re splitting bar tabs and dinners by paying their friends back through Venmo. Young entrepreneurs are skipping the traditional loan process altogether and accessing start-up and seed funding through Kickstarter and GoFundMe campaigns. [more]


Unveiling the Benefits of Blockchain-as-a-Service

By now, most people are aware of the general concept of blockchain technology. To put it simply, the blockchain is a secure online ledger of electronic transactions stored in a series of individual “blocks” that can be used to record everything from financial payments to academic credits and employment verifications.

Blockchain solution development is increasing at a rapid pace as the tech industry anticipates that this technology will permeate every aspect of digital life.

As more and more companies are jumping on the blockchain bandwagon, they are increasingly utilizing the benefits of the Blockchain-as-a-Service platform. [more]


Will Blockchain Kill Traditional Banking As We Know It?

The technology industry is obsessed with blockchain and bitcoins. Everybody’s talking about it and everybody is developing solutions based upon it.

While most of the big banks have dismissed the bitcoin threat as being a beacon for financial fraud, the truth is that the blockchain could offer more security for transactions than banks have ever been able to provide in the past.

So the question is, will blockchain kill traditional banking? Here are a few reasons why banks are starting to get worried. [more]


3 Blockchain Vulnerabilities to Avoid in Product Development

The technology industry as a whole has been pretty hyped about blockchain technology for a while now. This is due to the fact that blockchain transactions are more transparent, secure, and able to process and deliver higher quality data. Blockchain companies are popping up everywhere as entrepreneurs race to capitalize on the trend.

Blockchain technology, explained by most tech experts, is simply a system of distributed electronic ledgers and “smart contracts” that contain digital transactions and verifiable information within encrypted blocks. Blockchain is the most secure form of transmitting information electronically.

Of course, no electronic system is completely failsafe. Hackers will always try and find a way to penetrate blockchain security protocols in order to steal sensitive data and information. [more]


The Future of Blockchain 

Everybody’s talking about blockchain. It’s the technology trend of the moment.

In a recent report, CB Insights found that the term “blockchain” was mentioned almost 300 times during Q1’18 earnings calls. Even the recent drop in Bitcoin value hasn’t seemed to damper the industry’s interest in blockchain technology.

So, where exactly is the blockchain headed? [more]