About Sydney

Sydney StoneSydney Stone was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Her family moved to the small town of Gadsden, Alabama when she was seven years old.  Growing up, Sydney desperately wanted to be a fashion designer, but upon discovering that she couldn’t sketch anything other than stick figures, she decided to pursue other career options.

When her best friend in high school asked Sydney to take a drama class with her, she suddenly found her new calling. Sydney went on to study theatre at The University of Alabama Birmingham. Shortly after, she moved back to her hometown of Atlanta where she appeared in several theatrical productions and independent films. She relocated to New York City in 2000 and made her Off-Broadway stage debut in a revival of The Vagina Monologues.

In 2012, Sydney started “Stylaphile” to write about her never-ending love of fashion. Having suffered from an eating disorder in high school, she hopes to use Stylaphile to encourage the fashion industry to be more inclusive of different body types in their fashion spreads in order to prevent eating disorders and anorexia in young girls.